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  • STIC(Ethiopia) Visits KISTI

    Modified: 12-18-2014 2:29:p.m.
    Stic(Ethiopia) Visits Kisti On Nov. 12, Science and Technology Information Center (STIC, Ethiopia) visited KISTI headquarter in Daejeon. Dr. Hahn Sun-hwa, President of KISTI, received STIC deligation for an in-depth communication between two leaders of each institute. The ...
  • 2015 KISTI Global Academy for S&T Infrastructure

    Modified: 06-11-2015 2:14:p.m.
    2015 Kisti Global Academy For S&T Infrastructure KISTI held 2015 Global Academy for S&T Infrastructure on May 14-15 in its head office. Global Academy was planned to provide developing countries with experience and knowledge on S&T Infrastructure KISTI has been building up ...
  • KISTI expands KISTI-Geneva Sectioin to 10 Gbps

    Modified: 06-08-2015 5:39:p.m.
    Kisti Expands Kisti-Geneva Sectioin To 10 Gbps KISTI said on April 21st that it will expand its GSDC data bandwidth to 10 Gbps. Korean scientist can receive LHC source data 10 times faster than now and real-time utilization of its data is ...
  • KISTI Receives Presidential Citation on 2014 National R&D Result Evaluation

    Modified: 01-06-2015 9:53:a.m.
    Kisti Receives Presidential Citation On 2014 National R&D Result Evaluation Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information (KISTI) received a presidential citation on 2014’s National R&D Result Evaluation. KISTI, an information infrastructure institute, increased productivity of national S&T research. Moreover, KISTI responded to the national ...
  • 'Emerging Tech Seminar 2014' - Next 10 Years

    Modified: 01-05-2015 3:02:p.m.
    'Emerging Tech Seminar 2014' - Next 10 Years KISTI has announced 10 promising technologies at ‘Emerging Tech Seminar 2014’ on Nov. 11th. 2014 is the 9th seminar for the name of ‘Emerging Tech Seminar’, and KISTI has been announcing the most prominent and ...
  • KISTI-Elsevier Joint-Project: Big Data Analysis

    Modified: 12-18-2014 1:59:p.m.
     Kisti-Elsevier Joint-Project: Big Data Analysis KISTI is planning to jointly analyze S&T research reports with Elsevier, a renowned global scholar publisher. KISTI and Elsevier signed a Memorandum of Understanding at KISTI Daejeon Headquarters on Nov. 6. KISTI and Elsevier will ...
  • Dr. Hahn Sun-Hwa - Elected as KISTI's 6th President

    Modified: 09-23-2014 3:47:p.m.
    Dr. Hahn Sun-Hwa - Elected As Kisti's 6th President On Sept. 12, NST(National Research Council of Science & Technology) announced that Dr. Hahn Sun-Hwa was elected as the 6th President of KISTI. Dr. Hahn Sun-Hwa, the newly appointed President of KISTI, Studied Chemical Engineering ...

    Modified: 08-08-2014 3:57:p.m.
    Kisti-Nvidia Signs Mou For Mpcc Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information (KISTI) and NVIDIA signed an MOU on Aug. 6th for the construction of KISTI-NVIDIA MPCC, Massively Parallel Computing Center. More Massively Parallel Computers using GPU(Graphic Processing Unit) are ...
  • KISTI signs MOU with IITD(Indian Institute of Technology Delhi)

    Modified: 08-07-2014 4:28:p.m.
    Kisti Signs Mou With Iitd(Indian Institute Of Technology Delhi) On Aug. 4th, KISTI signed MOU with IITD, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi. IITD is a Government-founded technology institution, and also is a leading institute of India's ICT field. IITD is going through diverse in-depth ...
  • NTIS for KOREA-KAZAKH Summit Agenda

    Modified: 07-01-2014 5:28:p.m.
    Ntis For Korea-Kazakh Summit Agenda On the 19th of June, President Park Geun-Hye and her Kazakhstan counterpart President Nursultan Nazarbayev had a summit meeting in Astana, Kazakhstan. The summit is the 12th between the leaders of two countries, since the ...
  • 2014 KOREA-CHINA Tech Fair in Daejeon, Korea

    Modified: 07-01-2014 3:15:p.m.
    2014 Korea-China Tech Fair In Daejeon, Korea On 26th of June, the 4th KOREA-CHINA Tech Fair was held at DCC, Daejeon. The fair was held in cooperation with Jilin Province, especially Changchun, Jilin and Tumen area. KOREA-CHINA Tech Fair is intended to ...
  • Advanced Logic Applications - Quantum Computers by Dr. Hoon Ryu

    Modified: 06-12-2014 2:34:p.m.
    Advanced Logic Applications - Quantum Computers By Dr. Hoon Ryu Advanced Logic Applications - Quantum Computers - Design of Si-based Qubit Systems using High Performance Computer - High performance computers (HPCs) accelerate the feasibility of quantum information processing. Quantum computers, processing the logic information with ...

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