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  • Kenya Chuka Delegation Visits KISTI

    Modified: 04-10-2014 1:42:p.m.
    Kenya Chuka Delegation Visits Kisti A delegation from Kenya Chuka University, constituted by Prof. Njoka, Prof Ngunjiri, Prof. Kagwanja and Mr. Mbaya, visited KISTI for a study tour on April 7th. The purpose of the visit was to share information ...
  • KISTI Attends KRCF-NARL Workshop

    Modified: 04-07-2014 5:53:p.m.
    Kisti Attends Krcf-Narl Workshop KRCF-NARL Workshop was held from March 31st to April 3rd. The workshop is held on the foundation of KRCF and NARLabs' collaboration, which is intended for building a solid ground for Korea and Taiwan's government-funded ...
  • KISTI Visits Vietnam to Discuss Researcher Training

    Modified: 04-03-2014 9:08:a.m.
    Kisti Visits Vietnam To Discuss Researcher Training Dr. Park Young Seo, President of KISTI, and researchers visited ISI(Institute for Scientific information) in Vietnam to discuss researcher training which would take place in KISTI. A memorandum of understanding was signed by KISTI and ...
  • UST Admission Application Notice

    Modified: 03-12-2014 6:21:p.m.
    UST(University of?Science and Technology)?has?released the admission guidelines. Please see below for more information. ? ? ? Admission Guide of Fall 2014, Spring 2015 for special admission -Foreigner, Korean Living Overseas is now announced. ? ? ...
  • KISTI-ACTS Co-founds Joint Research Lab

    Modified: 04-03-2014 9:08:a.m.
    Kisti-Acts Co-Founds Joint Research Lab KISTI (Korea Institute of Science and Technology) and ACTS (Advanced Cultural Technologies & Services, Daejeon) co-founded a joint research lab to support SMEs to create ultra HD contents using KISTI's supercomputing system. The joint research ...
  • KISTI Signs MOU with TIPA

    Modified: 04-03-2014 9:08:a.m.
    Kisti Signs Mou With Tipa KISTI (Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information) signed a memorandum of understanding with TIPA (Korea Technology and Information Promotion Agency for SMEs). The conclusion of MOU took place at KISTI's head office on Feb. ...
  • KISTI Signs MOU with KNOU (Korea National Open Univ.)

    Modified: 04-03-2014 9:08:a.m.
    Kisti Signs Mou With Knou (Korea National Open Univ.) KISTI (Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information) concluded a memorandum of understanding with KNOU(Korea National Open University) on Feb. 14th 2014. It is expected for both parties to expand chances of distance learning utilized ...
  • Dr. Lee Won-Goo to be listed on IBC's 2000 Outstanding Scientists of the 21th Century

    Modified: 02-18-2014 11:40:a.m.
    Dr. Lee Won-Goo To Be Listed On Ibc's 2000 Outstanding Scientists Of The 21th Century Dr. Lee Won-Goo of NTIS Center at?KISTI was selected to be listed on IBC(International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, UK)'s 2000 Outstanding Scientists of the 21th Century, 2014 Edition. IBC is?world's leading organization for publishing biographical directories, ...
  • KISTI Hosts International Workshop on the Commercialisation of Nanotechnology Research

    Modified: 01-23-2014 9:51:a.m.
    On Monday, Jan. 27th, KISTI will be hosting International Workshop on the Commercialisation of Nanotechnology Research at KIST (Korea Institute of Science and Technology). The event is held under the auspices of by the Future, ...
  • KISTI Holds New Year's Opening Ceremony

    Modified: 01-03-2014 5:08:p.m.
    Kisti Holds New Year's Opening Ceremony On Jan. 2nd, KISTI held its first ceremony of the year - the New Year's Opening Ceremony - at its head office. The ceremony is intended for sharing goals and plans for the year 2014, ...
  • KISTI Opens Book Cafe in its Head Office

    Modified: 01-03-2014 5:08:p.m.
    Kisti Opens Book Cafe In Its Head Office The grand opening of the book cafe 'Tteurak' took place on Dec. 26th. 'Tteurak' means 'garden' in pure Korean, a metaphorical garden for reading and meditation. The book cafe is a part of the plan ...
  • KISTI Shakes hands with Presidential Council on IP, Dec. 16th

    Modified: 12-23-2013 3:12:p.m.
    Kisti Shakes Hands With Presidential Council On Ip, Dec. 16th Presidential Council on IP hold its 4th KIPnet conference on Dec. 16th. KIPnet, founded last April, is a national consultative group for IP-related policies. Its main functions include policy proposal of IP creation, IP protection, ...

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