Family Sites

Family Sites

Academic Society Village

Offers unique information produced from domestic science technology associations.

CCBB(Center for computational Biology & Bioinformatics)

Domestic access to well-known data bases, such as GenBank, PDB, PIR, SWISS-PROT, PhiPsi, PEBASE, made by construction of a biological database and provision of domestic heredity/protein search and analysys data. Offers unique information produced from domestic science technology associations.

Cyber Technomart

Information bank holding all on-line technology transfer data run by industrial resources department and korea science technology information research.

Related Sites

Korea Science offers latest Korean news on science, thesis, events and other contents. It aims to offer visitors the comprehensive science and technology information about Korea. Visit Korea Science

Supercomputing Center offers efficient information exchanges among the researchers using the supercomputing infrastructure. Visit Supercomputing Center.

Korea Science Citation Index Service.?KSCI is a platform that offers a variety of high value-added information such as searching research data, measuring the influences of journals and analyzing research trends based on bibliography and reference data bases of research papers that appear in 452 domestic major journals of science and technology. Visit Korea Science Citation Index Service

KREONET (Korea Research Environment Open NETwork) is a national R&D network supported by MEST (Ministry of Education, Science and Technology), and has been managed and operated by KISTI (Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information) since 1988. KREONET has a high performance network infrastructure that provides R&D resources, including a wide range of information on science and technology, supercomputing, GRID, and e-science applications, to about 200 key R&D centers in the industrial, academic, and corporate sectors. Visit KREONET

Founded in 2001, OGF-KR develops international standard forum to represent Korean Grid Community. Visit OGF-FR website.

Gloriad is the first round-the-world high-performance networks jointly established by Korea, China, United States, Russia, Canada and the Netherlands with 10/40Gbps optical networking tools that improve networked collaboration with e-Science and Grid applications.This project is being funded by MOST (Ministry of Science and Technology) to KISTI (Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information).The 1st Stage ('05-'08) is constructing 10Gbps link up to 40Gbps by 2008. And the 2nd Stage ('09 and after) will focus on building multiple 10Gbps links and managing the links. Visit Gloriad website.


KRCF(Korea Research Council of Fundamental Science & Technology)

KRCF supports the government's policy on research and development and contributes to advancing the knowledge-based industry of Korea by promoting Government-Funded research institutes in the field of basic and public science and technology. Ministry of Education Science and Technology. Please visit KRCF English site.

Ministry of Education Science and Technology

MEST is the governing Ministry responsible for the science and technology polices and promotions. MEST has bee the key role player in the Korean history for science and technology. For details please visit MEST website.

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