KISTI Information Analysis

From New Technology to Promising Business Items

Global science and technology information is analyzed and provided through exploration of various promising technologies and as a result, development of future technology can be effectively promoted.

NewTechnology Information Portal(MiriAn)

MiriAn is a customized service where international and domestic 120 experts with doctor degrees provide information on around 200 issue technologies. Additional services provided include Global Trend Briefing (GTB) to select and offer the latest scientific technology trend in other advanced countries, information on trend of technologies selected by KISTI and in-depth analysis report analyzed by KISTI researchers.

Specialized Information Analysis Portal

Expert information analysis portals are provided to generate high value-added information which can be utilized on research site. ReSEAT program which is operated by many retired scientists with long research career and know-how and GTNet(Green Technology Network) which aims to realize low-carbon green growth policy of nation are developed and provided by KISTI.

R&D Planning Support for Individual Companies

This project provides consulting service about new technologies to individual small and medium sized companies in all stages from R&D planning to commercialization. Services linked to SMBC(Small & medium Business Corporation) are provided, including support for planning small and medium company's R&D, support for preparing a technical road map and building a strategy of an individual company, and technology valuation analysis.

Integrated Road Map for Small & Medium SizedCompanies

This road map offers vision and policy of technology development for small and medium companies, including proposal of technology development and support policy for the small and medium companies and set-up of main strategic fields at the national level through industrial environmental analysis. Especially, strategic products are selected regarding promising technologies in 26 fields and a relevant road map is built to be used in the R&D policy for the small and medium companies.

Explore Promising Items

This is to find highly potential business items suitable for each small and medium companies by systematizing solutions for new growth engine of each company. As a part of this project, a Global-up support program for commercializing technology of small and medium companies is carried out in order to increase the success rate of overseas business. Also, KISTI holds annually a 'Promising Future Technology Seminar', the nation's largest seminar on science and technology which shows trend of future science.

Next-Generation Information Analysis System

KISTI builds a next-generation information analysis system to create an environment where higher-quality analysis information is provided to small and medium sized companies and researchers, thus helping industry, university and research institute to perform R&D effectively.

R&D Early-Warning System Tailored for Customers

KISTI builds an early-warning system which develops and systemizes a model able to detect competitive intelligence. When an abnormal signal requiring attention on R&D-related environments is detected, a warning is given in a timely manner to make it possible to take appropriate measures.

Industrial Information Analysis System

Star Science & Technology Information Analysis for R&D ,which provides objective investment information about technology value, is built and operated based on multidimensional technology valuation model and information system. And the analysis-oriented industrial market DB and industrial information analysis system(Smart2) are being established.

Information Analysis System for Technology Commercialization

KISTI establishes information analysis system which can give direct supports for technology commercialization. KISTI operates promising pooling system designed to improve efficiency of promising item exploration process, evaluation system of technology commercialization and diagnosis system of global innovative capability , in order to enhance competitiveness of small and medium companies in technology commercialization.

ASTI Is Always with Customers

Small and medium companies are accepted as core customers of KISTI and full supports in technology commercialization are provided until those customers make a success.

ASTI(Association of Science and Technology Information)

KISTI and experts from various science and technology parts combine their forces together to support small and medium companies in R&D and commercialization. Currently, 15 regional associations are founded and operated with approx. 12,000 members from industry, university and institute.

1:1 Customized Information Service

Researchers exclusively responsible for addressing difficulties of individual small and medium companies are allocated and then they annually visit working sites of 100 companies and investigate demand.

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