Information Distribution

Build and Operate Foundation for Science and Technology Information.

KISTI collects, and builds information DB on state-of-the-art science and technology which are the core part in the research and development. Based on cooperation system among various communities home and abroad, information that researchers need is gathered and offered easily and rapidly.

Support Informatization of Scientific Society

KISTI promotes informatization of scientific society and establishes One-Stop service system of scientific information. And it provides a scientific society with an information infrastructure such as development of KISTI -ACOMS(Article Contribution Management System) and scientific society website and registration of CrossRef's global identification symbols required for facilitating scientific activities and effective management of scientific information.

KESLI (Korean Electronic Site License Initiative, Consortium for Joint Purchase of Overseas Journals)

KESLI is a national joint purchase consortium intended to jointly purchase and extensively utilize overseas e-information. KISTI supports purchase procedure and utilization so as for local libraries to jointly purchase various e-information in a reasonable manner. Currently, 21,618 types of e-journals are jointly purchased by a total of 61 consortiums whose members included 359 agencies, accordingly maximizing efficiency of the information against the purchasing cost.

KSCD (Korean Science Citation DB)

KSCD provides information about how many papers the local journals of science and technology sector are issuing and how many time each paper is cited. It enables researchers to easily find papers they need and to check research trend in the relevant area, thus increasing efficiency.

Korean Human Information

It is to reconstruct and utilize Korean human information with computerized image. It is divided into two projects: Visible project focused on serial human section image and Digital Korean project focused on CT data.

KOSEN(Korean Scientists and Engineers' Network)

KOSEN is a cyber human networking for korean scientists working around the world. It is a global site for securing knowledge required for R&D, based on active information exchange among members.

Public Utilization of National R&D Information

Information related to national R&D project and science & technology information are collected and provided for public utilization, consequently making contribution to effectively managing R&D projects and improving efficiency of investment.

NTIS (National science&Technology Information Service)

NTIS is aimed at building and operating a portal service where various information related to national R&D projects promoted by the government authorities and agencies is gathered, worked and provided on a real time basis. Accordingly, it addresses the issue of overlapped investment in the national R&D projects and enhances efficiency and productivity of investment in R&D.

Total Management of National R&D Outcomes

KISTI was designated as an agency exclusive for national R&D reports and papers in August, 2008. Full-original text is registered and donated permanently or temporarily by specialized research management institution. KISTI provides them to utilize and spread good outcomes of research information.

Provision of Science and Technology Information Service

KISTI supplies not only high-quality information to local researchers but also builds and operates various information service system where researchers around the world can have easy access to excellent local research results.

NDSL(National Discovery for Science leaders)

NDSL refers to a platform designed to contribute to innovating the national science and technology by providing high-quality information to researchers working in university, institute and industry. It offers an integrated and specialized search service for approx. 99,000 contents related to science and technology including academic paper, patent and research report.

KoreaScience (Global Science Gateway)

KoreaScience is a global service platform in which the domestic science and technology information is developed into Global Content(english version) and then distributed worldwide. This platform is operated in connection with the World Wide, a global science & technology information search service.

Next-Generation Information Service Technology based on Semantic Technology

It provides a next-generation information service by developing semantic web-technology where a computer understands meaning of information and makes inference with the information.

InSciTe(Science and Technology Intelligence Service)

Inscite is decision support system for forming R&D strategy. It is leading information distribution paradigm through inference service designed to support decision making.

DCMS (Digital Contents Management System based on Semantic Technology)

DCMS is an integrated management system which allows users to receive reliable high added value service in addition to control various contents more rapidly and easily.

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