KISTI Supercomputing Center

Provision of World-Class Cyber R&D Infrastructure for Global Collaboration

With the introduction of world-best super computer, KISTI provides advanced cyber research environment to support scientists and engineers to generate R&D performance better and faster.

Development of National wide Super Computing Infra.

Super computing technology is developed and efficiently operated to give high-tech research environments to local scientists, consequently enhancing science and technology competitiveness. The efforts are being made to operate general system related to super computer, develop the relevant technologies, and operate SMP(IBM) and MMP(SUN) related to super computer No.4.

PLSI(Partnership & Leadership for the Nationwide Super Computing Infrastructure)

The nationwide super computing resources are interconnected to give more efficient operation and service environments for super computing.

KREONET(Korea Research Environment Open NETwork)

KREONET is a world-class research network based on 16 regional nets across the nation. It enables scientists and engineers home and aborad to conduct joint studies , thus contributing to improving productivity of research.

GLORIAD(Global Ring Network for Advanced Application Development)

GLORIAD is the world's first global ring network participated by 11 countries with an aim to support the International joint cooperative research. Established as a 10 GB super-high speed network, it backs up applied research of sophisticated science and technology.

GSDC(Global Science Experimental Data Hub Center)

GSDC maintains a virtualization system for the joint utilization of experimental data from advanced research equipment and maintains a global data grid computing infrastructure for joint analyses of experimental data generated by the world's top 3 proton accelerators. Also, it plays as a hub of global pipeline in the Asia-Pacific region

Nationwide Cyber Lab and the Provision of Technical Support

A nationwide cyber lab for interactive cooperation in real time is built for large-scale data analysis, high-quality convergence research/education environment and technical supports.


Development of R&D Tools for Maximizing the Utilization of Cyber-Infrastructure.

Cyber research infra is being constructed to ensure that researchers can share research resources freely without limits in time and space while conducting R&D activities.

Applied Research on Cyber Infra. Utilization

The efforts to enhance research ability, generate concrete research outcomes and build close relationship with communities are being made so as that many researchers can utilize cyber infra.

Development of Next-Generation Cyber Research Environment

A next-generation super computing service environment equal to that of advanced countries is created to perform a project to create virtual cell applied system, e-HEP(High Energy Physics), and visual super computing environments.

Development of an Advanced Science Education Hub

EDISON(Education-Research Integration through Simulation On the Net) for natural science and engineering sector is built based on cyber infra research outcomes of KISTI. It makes a contribution to improving adaptability of undergraduates and graduates from the natural science and engineering sector to the newest technology and to localizing simulation S/W.

Development of Science Cloud Technology

In order to satisfy the rapidly rising demand for cloud computing, various technologies are studied and developed, such as management technology of virtual resources tailored for cloud computing technology users, and linkage and utilization technology for heterogeneous distributed computing service.


Technology Support for Research in the area of Science and Technology

Resources and technology of super computing suitable for individual research are supported to help all fields of study including science and industrial technology to develop further.

Super Computer Strategy Support Program

Super computing resources and applied technology are supplied for applied research tasks in Computational Science and Engineering field whose significance is recognized at the national level.

M&S Support Program for Small and Medium Companie

This program meets the need of domestic small and medium companies for super computing utilization. Under this program, KISIT plays a role of teaching and developing the super computing technology for small and medium companies.

Science & Technology Information Security

KISIT protects the resources of core research information in science and technology fields and minimizes any damage, thus providing an information protection service including situation control & analysis in real time and rapid response support, sharing of security technology and prevention support, and research·application of technology on latest information protection.

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